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New fastening model for kydex covers. 

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Kydex is a thermoplastic material, a PVC compound (derived from the most commonly used plastic) and PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)(engineering plastic). It is extremely hard and ideal for the most demanding applications.  This material has wide-ranging applications, among which is the clip for fastening kydex covers.

Our product is a clip designed to be secured to a belt or strap for taking with you the items required for fastening accessories such as knives, pistols, hammers, torches, canteens etc., used in outdoor campaigns, in walks and/or excursions, and in general in any other operation in which users are required to take with them, various types of accessories which should be easily accessible.

It consists of two bridges to adapt to the MOLLE clamping system.

It is possible to carry out a multithreading of different accessories when fastened onto the Tac-Clip.

The clip is modular, for obtaining a complete disassembly, and is composed of non-metallic materials, and is corrosion or wear and tear resistant.

It should be noted that one of the clip's parts has a slight concavity, enabling an ergonomic fastening, either on the user's an arm, leg, chest or back.

It has safety locking device and four main holes to fasten the cover at an angle.

Adjustable width according to the belt.  Suitable for belts up to 6 cm.

There is the option of separating the two halves for insertion with the belt buckled.

Available in two colours: black and brown.

Made in Spain.