The venture was founded by two associates in 1997, that venture was a cutlery workshop. From its creation to the current configuration, the venture has been growing within its sector becoming one of the leading suppliers of items, decoration, accessories etc., for international knife manufacturing companies. In this period the company became a single shareholder company, that shareholder who is currently heading and running the venture.

Currently, at Cuchillería El Abuelo we have focussed on and become specialists in the manufacture of covers for cutlery or similar products, in leather and kydex. We are also suppliers of materials, both for hilts, embellishments, design models, ...

The quality of our products and services are of recognised prestige, given that we are committed to superior quality in all processes, backed by the business track record and the knowledge of both the materials as well as the production processes in their entirety.

Noteworthy is the use of bull horn, deer and fallow deer antlers, and especially, leather and kydex.  Always adapting to the needs of each customer, including even designing and manufacturing items exclusive to those customers.

In the process of continuous growth and knowledge of the market and its needs, from Cuchillería El Abuelo, a spin off was created, along with a new partner, Petmascota Naturalia www.petmascota.net,  which produces pet accessories manufactured from 100% natural materials (antlers and horns, wood, 100% cotton ...)..


Given that the company is in continuous evolution and perfectly aware of the importance of technologies, it has recently started up an online catalogue, which makes the selection and procurement processes for our customers easier.

We have similarly started up an online catalogue such as Hardhorn http://hardhorn.com/, another one of our trademarks, dedicated exclusively to the sale of deer and fallow deer antlers obtained from the natural shedding of the animals' antlers.

The team of professionals who make up our workforce takes on the challenge to continue studying new materials, products and services, always related to the accessories of the cutlery world.


The products are manufactured mainly in cowhide, shearling and kydex, and can be manufactured in calfskin, suede, leather, suede split, Caribou engraved cow skin, corduroy, exotic leathers (snake, lizard, crocodile, ostrich, skate, bull, deer, caiman) etc.


95% of our products are exported by the European Economic Community, USA and China. Mainly to top brands dedicated to the cutlery and accessories sector.